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Organic green coffee bean extract is a tremendous health aid, and the bean can be roasted to brew an excellent pot of coffee. A good cup of coffee is only one of the advantages of this product. The extract properties are catching on and becoming very popular to help solve many health problems.

This extract can aid as an anti-oxidant, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity. There are claims that it offers a potent source of plant-derived antioxidants and is rich in several polyphenols, which help reduce free oxygen radicals.

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Green Coffee Bean Benefits

Chlorogenic acid is known as an antioxidant which actually slows the destruction of cell membranes contributing to symptoms of aging. It also can help alleviate high blood pressure levels and can be helpful in treating hypertension.

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This organic green coffee bean extract can aid in weight loss due to the natural chemical compounds, caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Together they contribute to weight loss by releasing fatty acids from stored body fat, and the chlorogenic acid assists the liver in processing the fatty acids more efficiently. Also you get somewhat of an energy boost that will speed up your metabolism.

There are several excellent brands which can be purchased at your local health food store or in the organic food section of your super market. Organic green coffee bean extract does not taste like coffee due to the beans not being roasted; the extract has a slightly bitter and astringent taste. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water; at least eight to ten glasses a day.

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